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Mayfair Plaza

Project Name:

Mayfair Plaza 240 kilo-Watt Solar Photovoltaic Panels Installation

Background Information:

Mayfair Plaza Owner was introduced to the option of a Solar Photovoltaic Systems to produce electrical power and sell to the local utility company by our partner FLS Energy


The conceptual electrical design of the utility interactive Solar Photovoltaic System was reviewed and redesigned to meet the specific needs of the site conditions

A representative electrical submittal and documentation package developed for the project

An expedited permit review meeting was held with the local compliance officer to facilitate the permit review and approval

The local utility company’s System Interconnection Agreement was reviewed and finalized

Electrical installation of the Solar Photovoltaic System was completed

Coordination of the utility shutdown, net-metering installation and tie-in of the Solar Photovoltaic System was accomplished

Testing, verification, as-built and final system documentation


The project was completed in an extremely short time frame

The installation plan was developed to pre-assemble the interfacing electrical components in preparation for the arrival of the equipment which had the long lead times

Tight physical confines for the installation of the electrical distribution equipment were encountered and overcome


The project provided some unique challenges for the electrical installation while under tight time constraints. This allowed for ingenuity in the installation means and methods. Customer satisfaction and system performance were two of the teams’ goals and the completed installation yielded the achievement of both.