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Jacksonville Int’l

Project Name: 

Concourse A & C Replacement     

Background Information:


Jacksonville Aviation Authority


Jacksonville, Florida

Contract Value:

Over $11 million

Partnered With:

Guarantee Electrical, one of our FEC partners


All distribution, lighting, power, fire alarm, CCTV, card access, lightning protection, data/communications., WIFI, public address, and emergency power generation systems for this 250,000+ sq ft. of New Concourses.

Each new concourse included passenger waiting areas, airline gates, passenger loading bridges, restrooms, concession/vendor spaces, airline tenant offices, airline operations offices, airport operation offices, and a food court.

Project included more than 20 electrical rooms, 10 mechanical rooms, and 5 data/communicatio. rooms.


Project required replacement and removal of existing feeder loops that had to be shut down and completed in extremely tight time constraints (after last flight, before first bag) below grade, in existing manholes, at night.  A specialized team had to work extremely fast while maintaining a high level of safety.

The addition of more than $2 million in additional change orders, all while having to maintain the original schedule.

Major coordination between the 6 specified systems subcontractors had to take place on a daily basis.


This was a successful project for both White Electrical and our partner Guarantee Electrical.  The project was finished ahead of schedule, and under the Jacksonville Aviation Authority’s budget.  The project earned the Rem DuBose Joint Venture of the Year Award for 2009, for White Electrical and Guarantee Electrical.  The project netted several awards for Balfour-Beatty, the general contractor, as well.