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Project Name: 

  Volkswagen Medium Voltage Switchgear Project

Background Information:


Volkswagen Group of America


Chattanooga, TN

Contract Value:

Over $2 million


Installation of two 15,000 volt switchgear lines, consisting of 50 medium voltage breakers, to feed the new Volkswagen plant complex in Chattanooga, TN

Installation of remote Control Panels to operate each 15kV breaker which protects personnel from any and all arc flash issues.

Installation of multi-conductor cables between the switchgear breakers and the control panels to integrate the control systems for remote function.

Checkout and commissioning of the entire controls system for this installation to ensure reliable functionality upon energizing the 15kV switchgear to feed multiple plant buildings.

All offloading, rigging and setting in place of the equipment was performed with multiple other crafts working in the same areas as we all pushed to complete the project on time.


Design challenges were plentiful as we worked closely with the Owner, engineering firm and manufacturer to ensure that the finished product was exactly what the Owner needed in this “first of its kind” automobile manufacturing plant in the US.

The Owner wanted the equipment operational in a very short time frame to enable the testing of equipment in multiple buildings in the complex. We were able to beat the scheduled date by several days even though changes were taking place up to the end of the project.

Portions of the job had to be scheduled meticulously for outages that had to take place since the Owner wanted to “go live” prior to some of the changes being incorporated into the project.

Working closely with the Owner to ensure that nothing was lost in translation between what they wanted in Germany and what we produced in the US.


This was a successful job for White Electrical as we completed each phase of the work on time or early and enabled the Owner to utilize his 15kV switchgear system for operation of the facility.