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National Alabama

Project Name:

National Alabama Corporation

Background Information:


Cherokee/Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Contract Value:

Over $5 million

Partnered With:

Infosys – A Division of OESCO, an FEC Partners


All backbone data, security and WIFI infrastructure for this 1.9 million square foot manufacturing facility making railroad cars for companies worldwide.

Installation of 19 MDF and IDF closets for network system components which included equipment racks, ladder trays and grounding buss for this facility.

Installation of signal grounding system consisting of a 4/0 AWG ground loop and 2″ PVC conduit to tie the communication MDF and IDF closets together for a redundant signal ground.

Installation of more than a mile of Air Blown Fiber Tubing Pathway to provide raceway for the network system fiber optics cabling. The majority of the pathway was 19 Tube raceway terminating in TDU cabinets near each MDF or IDF closet.

Installation of several miles of 18 strand, Air Blown Fiber Cabling to provide a redundant fiber link system for the facility network.

Installation of over half a million feet of CAT6 Augmented cable for the Data Communications network system includeding conduit and cabling for the drops for Data, Phone, Security and WIFI systems throughout the plant.

Installation of all power circuits required for network system equipment throughout the entire facility.


Fiber and grounding system was to be installed as the General Contractor was finalizing the building construction and in a three month time frame. We beat the scheduled completion date.

Installation of Data Communications system cabling as the Owner was in the process of commissioning their equipment which meant that portions of the process was operable.

Installation of the Security and WIFI cabling systems while the plant was in operation which meant multiple shifts required to meet the schedule.


This was a successful job for White Electrical contractors and our partner, Infosys – A Division of OESCO. We completed each phase of the work on time or early and within budget to enable the owner to utilize his network system for operation of the facility.