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Federal Prisons

Project Name:  

Federal Bureau of Prisons’ Medical Center


Five story, 700,000 square foot, state-of-the-art medium security hospital, which was completed in January, 2000.  White Electrical contractors in a joint venture with Oklahoma Electrical Supply Company took over this project electrically for the Federal Bureau of Prisons after the initial contractor was removed.

Unique Job Conditions:

Project was in chaos because of initial contractor on the job

Federal Bureau of Prisons did not know completion status of major systems- security, etc

Project had not been active for nine months

Services Provided:

Immediate Startup of construction electrically

Installation of data/voice communications, security, fire alarm, nurse call/code blue, and radio systems including controls and fiber optics

Management appraisal of project status

Managed design and installation of software program to run security and communications systems.

Project Facts:

Electrical joint venture contract of $7.5 million over 8-month period.

Total of 70 electricians at peak of project, working 5-10 hour days.

Management team got project immediately back on schedule with team effort performance bonus awarded by Federal Bureau of Prisons.