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City of Alcoa

Project Name:

City of Alcoa, Tennessee

Background Information


Alcoa, Tennessee

Contract Value:

$2.8 Million

Partnered With:



Installation of all electrical and control wiring for new 16 MGD coagulation membrane water treatment facility.

Installation of 4000 amp incoming service and switchgear.

Installation of variable speed drives to control the intake and output water flow.

Installation and termination of all control wiring for a Zenon filtration control system.

Installation of an under slab conduit system consisting of several miles of under slab conduits for power and control.

Installation of lightning protection for the facility.


Very aggressive completion schedule.

Plant had to be operational at a reduced capacity to allow demolition of existing.  Demolition of existing plant had to be accomplished to re-route output lines to the area served.  This had to be accomplished during a low usage period to minimize water flow disruptions to customers.

Completion of the remainder of the plant while in operation.


This was a successful job for White Electrical contractors.  We completed each phase of the work on time or early and within budget.